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4 comments. The knot you use is mostly a matter of personal preference, but either a Palomar knot or improved clinch knot will work well. Question. Make sure your snap is not too big for your lure, large snaps can dampen the action of smaller lures. ADVERTISEMENT. Tie the other end of the leader to the spoon using a Palomar or improved clinch knot. If you prefer, tie a snap swivel to the end of the line and attach the spoon to the snap swivel. This thread is archived. for rod fishing, #3 or larger planer or inline trollin lead. If well rigged, they will swim to their maximum potential and increase your chances of hooking striking fish. Spoon match with a stout … It has outfished any hootchie or plug set up on my or any other boat i've been on so far this year. Survival. Insert the point of the hook through the small hole at the end of the lure, then arrange the lure so that it conceals as much of the hook as possible. Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines with lures or baitfish are drawn through the water. Tie one end of a 3- to 4-foot leader to the opposite end of the barrel swivel, using a Palomar or improved clinch knot. Survival. Always use a barrel swivel to connect the main line to the leader to preserve the action of the spoon. It may sound difficult, and for some it is, but it helps better your chances of coming home with a big one. And rigging them is basic… just a standard leader with a swivel in between your main line and your leader to help keep the main line from twisting due to the spoon’s sporadic movements (underwater footage included in video below). While it is important to choose the right lures and teasers and to run them in the optimal spots, it is also critical to understand how to correctly rig the lures. When it comes to saltwater fishing spoons, many anglers insist on adding gold spoons to their tackle boxes. I can't find this simple answer anywhere. He also was an editor at a Seattle-based political weekly and editor of a monthly business magazine. Let the spoon freefall down. Here is how the properly retrofitted steelhead/salmon/trout casting spoon should look like: A #7 or #5 swivel (steelhead), a #5 split ring (steelhead), all on the head (top) of the spoon; spoon body; an additional #5 (steelhead) on the tail (base) of the spoon; another #7 or #5 swivel (steelhead); then open eye siwash hook matching spoon size. Latest. More by the author: This is an Instructable to help all the beginners of the great sport of fishing! July 24, 2017. In a catch and release fishery this is of maximum importance. Assuming you bought spoon lures, you need a spinning rod to use them. These lures are equally at home being cast from the shore or drifting boat, or trolled astern of a boat underway. hide. Why the Spoon is One of the Best Lures of All Time. Step 1: Clamp the spoon onto the scrap wood. You need to pick weight on a couple of factors. save. To troll deeper or at a faster speed, use a heavier sinker. When To Use Snaps or Snap Swivel or When to Tie Your Fishing Lure Directly to Your Line - Duration: 4:25 . share. my go to rig this year has been a green glo Qcove breakaway flasher with either a Kingfish Irish Cream or Cookies and Cream spoon tied about 42" behind. Attach the lure with a snap-swivel to reduce the twist. He has been published in the "Seattle Times," the "Washington Post" and the "Foreign Service Journal," among other publications. It will show you how to spool(put line on) a reel and attach it to a fishing rod. Here's a quick little video showing you how to rig your Viper Spoon to maximize your fish-catching power! It shouldn't come as a surprise to any angler that the shape of a spoon lure is modeled after the same kitchen utensil you use to shovel Frosted Flakes into your mouth on a daily basis. Joe Steel is a Northwest-based editor, writer and novelist, former news editor of an outdoor weekly. Move the rod slowly at first, and then gradually increase the speed to copy the movement of a bait fish swimming away. Select spinner blades based on … HOW TO RIG TROLLING LURES: BASICS. Fishing is already tough for some, especially those with not much experience. Sometimes the best tactic is to drop the lure to the bottom, jig it there a time or two, then quickly reel it up two or three turns of the handle and drop it right back to the bottom. The Buttlöffel rig or flatfish spoon rig, as translated, is widely used in the Baltic Sea and around the coasts of Denmark and the Netherlands. They do not want to miss bites or lose fish. Sometimes this simple bait is all you need to land big fish. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there’s always a reason to use spoon lures. There are several ways to do it and expect positive results, but ten years of experimentation with all known ways to rig a spoon has shown brightly on one way in particular. The Ultimate Guide to Tanning Wild Game Pelts and Hides. Casting and retrieving/swinging spoons for steelhead has made a bit of a comeback the last ten years. Spoons should probably never be used with an additional weight. gtag('config', 'UA-2853090-5'); About Us   |   Privacy Policy   |   Sign Up, An unfortunate reality: Depleted Olympic Peninsula steelhead and emergency conservation measures, Elwha River update: habitat restoration on Little River, Our failure to remember affects salmon and steelhead conservation, WILD: the relationship between steelhead and the fires they survive, Science Friday: Update on the Hood Canal bridge and survival of steelhead smolts, Another Blow for Columbia River Wild Steelhead. Introduction: How to Set Up a Fishing Rod for Lure Fishing. Buttlöffel Rig or Flatfish Spoon Rig. Nice to see the oldest technique for steelhead experience a bit of career resurgence. Hi, I found a gold coloured kastmaster in my grandpa's old tackle, and decided to give it a try. New York Times: Outdoors: Lures Tell Fishing's History, Dick Nite Spoons: How to Fish Dick Nite Spoons. report . One example of this is leader weight. Spoon match with a stout 1/0 siwash or 2/0 for large fish. An old commercial salmon troller showed me this rigging about ten years ago. Most spoons cost from $3-5, but watch the video below and see the guys at Real Outdoor Reviews explain how anyone can make one for less than a $1! PUR3. You also have the option of fishing a Carolina rig with a plug or live bait, as well. This basic but effective trolling spoon rig incorporates a cigar sinker or similar weight ahead of the leader to keep the spoon below the surface. Usually, strikes occur when the spoon is falling, so be ready. The video will show you how to rig 2 lures to fish at the same time. Tie the other end of the leader to the spoon using a Palomar or improved clinch knot. If you prefer, tie a snap swivel to the end of the line and attach the spoon to the snap swivel. The only drawback is that the sinker remains connected to the line when you fight a fish. 3. . Using a snap swivel at the end of the leader makes it easy to swap out spoons if you want to try different sizes or colors, or to react to changing lighting or water conditions. OK, the smallest of spinners won't be very effective as a trolling lure except when fishing for the humble (but succulent) atlantic mackerel, but a large spoon - fished deep on downrigger or planer gear - will be just the thing for larger ocean predators. Tomahawks Are Back: These American Relics Have Seen a Resurgence in Military and Survival Situations . Spoons come in so many shapes and sizes because there are so many ways to fish this lure and so many different kinds of fish that will eat them. A spoon lure, in sport fishing, is an oblong, usually concave lure, usually made of metal or a shell, shaped like the bowl of a spoon.The spoon lure is mainly used to attract fish by reflecting light and moving randomly.. Regardless of which of the multitude of trolling lures rigging techniques one uses, the motion of the boat imparts action on the lures, whether they are spoon lures, surface lures, plugs, swimbait or spinnerbait. If you fasten your fishing lures correctly, they can more likely entice fishes that can lead to high fishing rate. More Fishing. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} He showed me how the rigging is far superior by allowing the hook to slide into the crux of his hand, between thumb and index finger. The swivel would allow the hook to turn, cam action, until the point found purchase in his hand- every time. Rigging our spoons- that is the configuration of swivels and hooks- has to not only be the right size and style but also serve a function to up the strike per solid hookup ratio. For the life of me, I can't figure out if I rig it with a swivel or without one... if anyone can tell me? The design of the spoon lure is simple: an oblong, concave metal piece with a shiny chrome or paint finish and a single or treble hook on the end. gtag('js', new Date()); For walleye and larger fish, size up to 2" or larger models. good 150# or more ballbearing swivel attached to planer w/ wire Or hvy mono to eye of swivel, if using snap swivel - this gives u easy access to pop leader on off. Spoons are described on weight, usually 1/4 oz , 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 or 1 oz They are dense and thin, so they usually cast well and far. be sure to remove the factory siwash hook and welded ring. While nearly all steelhead/trout spoons fitted with single siwash-style hooks are simply hung on the bottom split ring and fished, he pulled a large trolling spoon from his pocket and showed me the way, as he described, all salmon trollers rig their spoons. Leech, lizard, creature, and tube lures are all popular choices for Carolina rig setups. Be sure to check your tournament rules to be sure it's legal. In this video I show you the best way I have found to rig up a Gold Spoon! Cast your lure and point the rod tip toward the water at a 45 degree angle. Learning how to tie a lure is essential to your fishing success. I tie it with either 20# or 25# leaders. Some lure manufacturers advise against the use of the snap swivel, however, for the best lure action. For example, ½, 2/5ths or 2/3rds oz. How To Rig A Gold Spoon To Catch Redfish & Trout! Reel up the slack in the line, then jerk the line again. stagger spread so spoons will not travel into other baits, on 100' leader a drone may travel … Tie a barrel swivel to the end of the main fishing line. Here is how the properly retrofitted steelhead/salmon/trout casting spoon should look like: A #7 or #5 swivel (steelhead), a #5 split ring (steelhead), all on the head (top) of the spoon; spoon body; an additional #5 (steelhead) on the tail (base) of the spoon; another #7 or #5 swivel (steelhead); then open eye siwash hook matching spoon size. By K-Dawg Follow. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; However, these lures are typically forgotten. When it hits bottom, take up slack line until the rod tip is a foot above the water, then work the spoon with short jerks up and down. - Duration: 4:02. If you prefer, tie a snap swivel to the end of the line and attach the spoon to the snap swivel. Any type of lure that wobbles instead of spinning will work best with a snap, because the snap will increase the action of the lure. 67% Upvoted. Hunting. If you tend to think of spoon fishing as simply a lift and drop operation, you’re underutilizing one of the most versatile lures. This is fine with certain types of lures which have an action unaffected by heavy-duty hardware, but other lures require the rigging to be balanced so the lure will swim with the right action. The spoon, an artificial lure, had its genesis in Vermont more than 150 years ago, according to the New York Times. PLEASE RATE MY INSTRUCTABLE.. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Inspired, he went on to become a successful manufacturer of fishing spoons, modern versions of which come in an astounding variety of colors, types and sizes for all manner of gamefish. Spoons are one of the most popular fishing lures on the market. They work to catch a wide variety of species in both salt and fresh water. 30' to 200' of mono/copoly leader, dependent on conditions& fish, 60# - 100# no wire & no floro. Step 1: What You Will Need. This spoon had a split ring on the tail (bottom), a swivel on the split ring and on that swivel was a siwash hook. They’re “old school” anglers, so spoons were a big lure for them and outside of those and soft plastics – I don’t think I ever saw my dad fish with anything else. Snaps are great for when you're using a spoon lure or a crankbait lure. #1. Hi, I brought a flounder spoon rig the other day and thought that it was a whole ready to use rig but when I got it out the packet it was just a spoon/lure … It is tempting to rig all lures as heavy-duty as possible so they can take a beating. How to rig lures. Used from the boat and kayak, in shallower water, and shore it is a productive rig for flounder, plaice and turbot. Match the size of the lure to the target species. swivel on the spoon itself I mount one on every spoon and inline spinner I have that way they are always there and I don’t have to go look for one I also like to use a speed clip on all my hard baits instead of tieing directly to the lure itself with a loop knot the speed clip is very strong and I have never lost a fish using one and the loss was a direct result of the clip failing My goal with this guide is to show you everything I know from what my grandfather and father taught me over the years. By Andrew McKean. Move the rod tip downward to a 90 degree angle in a jerking motion. Not only has this style of hook rigging sent my percentage of strike to land ratio through the roof, I no longer  eye or tongue hook fish. If the way you attach your lures on your fishing line is not right or if you do not know how to tie them on your leader line, you may lose them while you are fishing. Quarter-ounce spoons try a #1 siwash. For trout and kokanee, use 1 to 1.5" models. Aug 11, 2015 @ 6:42pm Originally posted by Akaahn: Assuming you bought spoon lures, you need a spinning rod to use them. In what almost seems a story that's too good to be true, Julio T. Buel dropped a household spoon overboard and watched as a fish struck at the shiny, shimmering object. Same thing happens when a fish strikes, the hook will find the corner of the mouth 98% of the time, without fail. Other times you can try jigging a time or two near the bottom, reel up a few feet and jig again a couple of times, then reel up a few feet more and repeat, eventually dropping the lure to the bottom and repeating … For example, ½, 2/5ths or 2/3rds oz. How to rig a kastmaster lure? In this Tackle Tip Tuesday video brought to you by Mercury Marine, Matt Arey shows fans how to rig a flutter spoon differently to increase the hookup and landing ratio with this lure. But in this next tutorial, not only can beginner's better their chances of catching soemthing, its a technique that can be done easily by most.

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